Cloud Computing Task Order on SeaPort-e

Cloud computing task order on SeaPort-e is a systematic process, which includes consideration of the Department of the Navy cloud acquisition strategy and SeaPort-e task order processes for accepting and performing orders issued by a Contracting Officer within the span of the Multiple Award Agreement.

Cloud Computing Task Order on SeaPort-e

According to Section B through H, the information of Task order covers all relevant data that includes Line Items, statement of work or objectives, packaging and marking information, data rights, inspection and acceptance of the services, period of performance, security, and government property etc.

Particular directions for responding to the Cloud Computing Task Order opportunities includes oral meetings, discussions, and cost approaches, accommodation of proposition, the choice criteria figures, the elements’ request of significance and other data related to evaluation criteria.

Cloud Computing task orders (TO) may require cost plus fixed fee (CPFF), fixed price (FP), or any blend of the two. A TO may require a CPFF proposition for the first year of the TO with following years to be offered as FP. TOs, or parts of TOs, may incorporate performance bonuses, award term provisions, or other incentives to enhance the value gains from the procurement. The FP Cloud Services TOs might incorporate particular performance measurements, quality guides, and service-level agreements.

However, there some other important processes would be added to cloud computing task order on SeaPort-e, hence, awardees have to carefully go through FedRAMP procedures before task order performance.

Available on SeaPort-e Contract Number N00178-09-D-5681

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