SeaPorte as DoD Cloud Way Forward

As SeaPorte as DoD Cloud Way Forward comes ahead and provides an institutionalized, efficent method of soliciting offers from small businesses for cloud computing technology services, all task orders are requested, awarded and managed using the SeaPorte Multiple Award Contract. Therefore, SeaPorte has propelled the DoD cloud way forward for comprehensive development of this department initiative. As a side benefit of cloud service, the SeaPorte Multiple Award Contract contributes to the Nation’s engine of job growth and Veteran employment opportunities.

Importance of DoD Cloud

Architecture is an importance of DoD Cloud strategy encouraging that cloud service providers and a DoD cloud customer keep in mind the end goal of a integrated business cloud framework for future interoperability. Ideally, a well designed DoD Cloud Strategy will prevent multiplicity and duplicity of capabilities that contribute more to cost than capability. The DoD Cloud Strategy is a framework consisting of security controls, DoD business processing, shared responsibility, and alert mechanisms.

SeaPorte as DoD Cloud Way Forward

With the utilization of Seaport e strategy with cloud, some important things to incorporate for extra specialized refinement of the security prerequisites, enhancement of certain DoD strategies to leverage existing secure commercial cloud services, and proceeded with an overarching framework having flexibility and capability for for future needs. Flexibility is required since DoD missions and information uses change broadly. To fully meet the full scope of DoD cloud customers, the strategy of DoD cloud computing usage should take advantage of new IT delivery methods, cross-platform collaboration, inherent efficiencies, fault tolerance, auto-scaling, and empowerment of innovation for mission accomplishment.

Available on SeaPort-e Contract Number N00178-09-D-5681

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