Navy IT Savings in the Cloud

Navy IT Savings in the Cloud: Moving Navy data-centers, websites, and networks to secure cloud computing will more than likely reduce cost in IT spending and accelerate mobility of secure applications and secure data for fast paced decision making in critical operational environments. Further information is available at Acquisition and Use of Commercial Cloud Computing Services.

Navy IT Savings in the Cloud

Navy IT savings in the cloud computing technology is the best way that military branches can develop innovation, collaboration and efficiency. SPAWAR, which i...Read More

Purchasing Cloud Computing through SeaPorte

Purchasing cloud computing services through SeaPorte is a simple process. The SeaPorte task order process is streamlined so that you can implement cloud computing for your department in a timely manner. Further information available at Process of Purchasing Cloud Computing through SeaPorte.

Process of Purchasing Cloud Computing through SeaPorte

To comply with the SeaPorte purchasing processes; the awardees have the opportunity to complete for SeaPorte task orders in fair competition with performance based statements of work when required. Opportunities are available in a e-commerce style p...Read More

SeaPorte as DoD Cloud Way Forward

As SeaPort-e comes ahead and provides an institutionalized, efficent method of soliciting offers from small businesses for cloud computing technology services, all task orders are requested, awarded and managed using the SeaPorte Multiple Award Contract. Therefore, SeaPorte has propelled the DoD cloud way forward for comprehensive development of this department initiative. As a side benefit of cloud service, the SeaPorte Multiple Award Contract contributes to the Nation’s engine of job growth. Importance of DoD Cloud and SeaPorte as DoD Cloud Way Forward Architecture is an importance of DoD Cloud strategy encouraging that cloud service ...Read More

Why the Navy and Marine Corps accelerate cloud adoption?

The officials of the Navy and Marine Corps are looking for opportunities with commercial cloud computing services to move more military data to commercial solutions. This process will help create a system in which they will be able to shift their public data to Amazon’s cloud. Further information available at Why the Navy and Marine Corps accelerate cloud adoption?.

Reason of Accelerating Cloud Adoption by the Navy and Marine Corps

The main reason of accelerating cloud adoption by the Navy and Marine Corps is to reduce more than a bil...Read More

Cloud Computing Task Order on SeaPort-e

Cloud computing task order on SeaPort-e is a systematic process, which includes consideration of the Department of the Navy cloud acquisition strategy and SeaPort-e task order processes for accepting and performing orders issued by a Contracting Officer within the span of the Multiple Award Agreement.

Cloud Computing Task Order on SeaPort-e

According to Section B through H, the information of Task order covers all relevant data that includes Line Items, statement of work or objectives, packaging and marking information, data rights, inspection and acceptance of the services, period of performance, security, and gov...Read More

Cloud Computing SDVOSB on SeaPorte

Cloud computing with service disabled veteran owned small business firms on SeaPorte gains advantages from experienced veteran business owners. Veterans who have served retain institutional service knowledge combined with best commercial practices with know-how for lowest but most effective solutions such as cloud computing, on a pre-existing contract vehicle, SeaPorte, the preferred choice for Naval departments. Further information available at Cloud Computing SDVOSB on SeaPorte. Cloud Computing for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program T...Read More

SeaPorte DoD Security Requirements for Cloud

The SeaPorte multiple award contract facilitates an effective and powerful method of contracting for professional support services and helping small business involvement. The Navy encourages new innovative cloud industries to have a chance of accomplishing efficiency and effective use of cloud computing in maritime application. Further information available at SeaPorte DoD Security Requirements for Cloud. Cloud computing firms have been coming forward to develop comprehensive cloud computing technology processes while providing world class services at lower cost. Howev...Read More