Cloud Computing Technologies Quality Assurance Services Program

Cloud Computing Technologies task team strives to ensure that the services we provide meet our customers’ needs. We carefully coordinate our activities required to meet overall quality standards, client satisfaction, and we also monitor and advise on the performance of the systems or service and provide related data and reports. Finally, we work with cross-functional teams within our solutions implementations to ensure that our systems and services are functioning properly to client satisfaction.

Cloud Computing Technologies task team quality assurance programs are designed to continually improve the quality of our customer solutions and support. Our approach and methodologies for ensuring the overall quality of our tasks is to establish thorough planning, documentation, and lines of accountability right from the beginning of the task for client satisfaction. We also will use clear written delineation of the roles and missions of each task team member to establish both accountability and empowerment. This approach results in strong team-building by clarifying specific results and expectations of each team member.

Quality Assurance Program Manager

The Cloud Computing Technologies Task Team Quality Assurance Program Manager (PM) will be the single point of contact for resolving all SEAPORT-e matters. The PM will respond to the requirements of the Navy’s SEAPORT-e contract, recruit and hire personnel, makes work assignments for both Castillo Technologies and subcontractor personnel, authorize expenditure of contractor labor, and authorize contractor travel.

Cloud Computing Technologies conducts advanced digital quality practices with a focus on overall quality and results meeting cost-reduction indicatives for client satisfaction. While processes contribute to significant cost efficiencies and increased productivity, we promote a more collaborative work environment. Castillo Technologies continuously improve its DoD and Federal personnel retention and recruitment, advancement of our skills, highly effective cost controls, contract compliance, and overall efficiency of services delivery.

Seaport-e Quality Assurance